Our response to COVID

The global pandemic has had far-reaching and unforeseen effects on every aspect of our lives for almost a year and has resulted in a massive disruption to NHS services. Resources in our acute NHS hospitals have been necessarily diverted to looking after patients who are seriously unwell with COVID-19 related illnesses. Many patients, whose NHS treatment has been delayed, have therefore contacted us to discuss the possibility of undergoing investigation and treatment in the private sector during this challenging times.

Our team of specialists in the Nottingham Urology Group have continued provide services for private patients throughout the pandemic. We are able to see patients in clinic as well as to conduct remote consultations over the telephone. When attending an appointment at one of the private hospitals, you can be sure that every effort is made by the team to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. All patients attending clinic are routinely screened for COVID symptoms, and other safety measures such as temperature checks and social distancing in waiting areas are in place. All the Consultants in the Nottingham Urology Group are screened for COVID-19 twice a week with lateral flow test kits.

Patients requiring surgery in one of our private hospitals can be confident of the fact that they, along with all the other patients on the ward will undergo a test for COVID-19 prior to admission, thus reducing the risk of infection. At the pre-operative assessment visit, you will be informed of any extra measures that you will need to undertake, which may include a period of self-isolation prior to your surgery.

It is fair to say that waiting times for surgery even in the private sector may be slightly longer than usual, but thanks to our excellent working relationships with our private hospital partners, we are still able to secure operating time on a regular basis.

We are happy to see all insured and self-paying patients, so if you are considering having your treatment in the private sector, please contact us, and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss the costs of any potential treatment and arrange an appointment if you would like to go ahead with an initial consultation.