Blood in your urine (Haematuria)

Blood in the urine can either be seen with the naked eye (visible haematuria) or picked up on urine testing (microscopic haematuria). Sometimes it occurs on its own and sometimes has associated symptoms like pain, or difficulty passing urine.

It is a very common condition, and while the majority of causes are fortunately benign it can also be caused by more serious conditions such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer.

If you think you have seen blood in your urine, or your GP has found it on testing, then it is very important that you are reviewed by a urologist.

Nottingham urology group provides a full range of investigations and treatments for blood in the urine, from initial diagnostic tests like passing a camera to the bladder (cystoscopy), and scans of your kidneys, through to surgical management of the cause.

Blood in your urine FAQs

  • What tests are commonly recommended for blood in the urine?

    This depends on whether the blood is visible or microscopic, and to a certain extent on associated symptoms. All patients will be offered a telescopic examination of the bladder (flexible cystoscopy) and a scan of the urinary tract. If the blood is microscopic the scan is likely to be an ultrasound of the kidneys, if it is visible or you have other risk factors then you may be offered a CT scan in addition.

  • Am I put to sleep for the cystoscopy?

    The majority of diagnostic camera tests are done under local anaesthetic. This has a number of advantages including a shorter time spent in the hospital, fewer risks than a general anaesthetic, and the ability for the patient and surgeon to discuss the findings during and immediately after the procedure. If you have concerns about procedures under local anaesthetic, then general or spinal anaesthetic can be considered.

  • How long does a cystoscopy take?

    Flexible cystoscopy usually takes less than 10 minutes.

  • When would I know the results of my investigations?

    Nottingham urology group understand the anxiety of waiting for test results and are committed to making sure you are fully informed throughout your time with us. Cystoscopy results are immediate (unless a biopsy is required) and we are happy to contact you by telephone, letter or clinic appointment as soon as the results of your scans are back.