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External Beam Radiotherapy

This involves giving high doses of radiation to the prostate gland in order to treat the prostate cancer. The radiation is directed on the prostate by a machine outside the body. This therefore has the advantage of not requiring an operation.

Radiotherapy is given in daily treatment sessions over approximately seven weeks. The treatment session does not last long, and is performed as a day case procedure.

We work closely with our radiotherapy colleagues in Nottingham, and would be happy to refer you to them for an opinion or for treatment if requested.

Although this treatment avoids an operation, there are still side-effects and complications. These include:

  • impotence (10% of men)
  • difficulty controlling the urine (uncommon)
  • bowel disturbances (including diarrhoea)
  • lethargy and tiredness (especially during the treatment period)
  • bladder irritation and rushing to pass urine