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Why choose Nottingham Urology Group of Urologists?

Our vision at Nottingham Urology Group is to ensure that you receive the best possible care from the most appropriate consultant who has the training and expertise for your condition.

As the largest group of urologists in the East Midlands with complimentary sub-specialist interests, we are able to provide a complete urological service that covers all areas of urology.

This has many advantages for you as a patient:

  • You can be confident that you are seeing the right specialist for your particular problem and therefore have the appropriate treatment.
  • You will benefit from the experience of 6 urologists with over 50 years of urology experience between them.
  • You will benefit from constant support and availability of a Consultant Urologist 365 days a year even if your specialist is away or ill.
  • You will benefit from 2 consultants operating as a team in major surgical procedures which improves your surgical outcome.

 If you have any further queries please contact us or ask your GP to refer you to us via our contact details on this website.