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What is sub-specialisation?

As with other specialities, the modern day treatment of urological conditions have become more complex with the advent of new techniques and new technologies. Therefore, in many cases it is important that you see a urologist with a particular interest your specific problem. This area of particular interest is called sub-specialisation.

Consultant Urologists all have areas that they sub-specialise in their NHS practice. Your specialist should not mind if you ask him/her as to their areas of speciality. If your condition is not what they would normally treat in the NHS then they will refer you to a specialist that has the necessary experience.

It is important that you are seen by the appropriate specialist for the best possible medical advice. For example, you would not see a prostate cancer specialist if you had urine incontinence and vice versa.

At Nottingham Urology Group, you can be confident that you will be seen by a specialist that has the training and experience to treat your condition. By working in partnership and as a cohesive group, we endevour to give you the best expert personalised care.

If you have any doubts as to whether you are seeing the right specialist please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice and guidance