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How can bladder Botox injections help me?

Botox injections have long been used to reduce facial wrinkles, but research has shown it can also help treat bladder complaints such as overactive bladder. The use of botox injections can offer many patients an effective treatment to an embarrassing and debilitating condition.

Richard Parkinson, a Urology Consultant and specialist in bladder problems, said: "Bladder dysfunction affects a staggering number of people worldwide. The use of botox injections can offer many of these patients a safe and straightforward solution to this very upsetting problem."

Botox works by binding to the nerve endings of muscles, blocking the release of the chemical that causes the muscle to contract. When injected into a specific muscle it reduces the muscle contractions, but leaves surrounding muscles unaffected

In a recent study of Botox bladder injections, 100 patients were injected with botox into the bladder. The patients suffered from overactive bladder symptoms and in each case they had involuntary contractions of the bladder muscle causing incontinence.

Around 85% of patients had no further incontinence after the treatment, and 80% found they no longer had to rush to the toilet as much. Tests showed that the involuntary bladder contractions had stopped in 75% of those treated.

None of the patients experienced long-term complications from the treatment.

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