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Self-pay prices

With the changes in the NHS resulting in reduced funding for some  NHS services, more and more people are enquiring about paying for treatments themselves. We at NUG have been working hard with our local private hospitals to try and drive down prices for patients without health insurance.

We will try to put our prices on this page to give you an idea of the charges for common services. There may be offers available at various times if we can negotiate further reductions in costs, and the prices below may be subject to change from time to time.

Please make sure you confirm the prices below with the hospital before booking in, just in case things have changed.

Consultation Fees

New patients (first consultation)         £190

Follow-up consultation                        £135

These fees include consultation and examination. There are no charges for prescriptions. If any scans or other tests are performed in clinic, then these may incur additional charges from the hospital.

Procedure Fees

All prices quoted are inclusive of all hospital charges, surgeons' fees and anesthetists' fees, unless stated otherwise.

Vasectomy Reversal (Mr Lemberger)     £2300

Vasectomy Reversal (Mr Mann)             £1800

(This price reflects the reduced theatre costs when the procedure is performed at certain time slots.)


PTNS (bladder nerve stimulation)          £110 per session

Bladder Botox injections                       from under £1000 (price may vary depending on hospital where treatment is given)