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  • Vasectomy reversal UK

    As well as the information available on this site about vasectomy reversal, you can now find out more at our sister website

    The new website contains more information and includes a self-referral form you can fill out on line. Someone will return your call at a convenient time for you and give you the chance to ask any questions or make an appointment.

    If you prefer, just call to make an appoinment: 07536 040442

  • Vasectomy reversal in Nottingham - talk to an expert now about your vasectomy reversal

    Mr. John Lemberger has 20 years of experience in vasectomy reversal using microscopic techniques and is one of the most experienced urologists in the Midlands. and

    “It’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” reports John, who has performed over 600 vasectomy reversals. “I’ve seen the anguish of couples who want a child, and it’s great when a new Mum and Dad tell me how the operation has helped them.”

    The results of vasectomy reversal are highly dependent on the surgeon. The plaudits have been flooding in from grateful families who have benefited from John’s skill at this delicate operation.

    At Nottingham Urology Group , we think it is important that you can ask a specialist for initial advice to see if vasectomy reversal is something you would like to explore.  Therefore, we are happy to provide you with a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have.  That way, you can decide if you would like to see us for a full consultation.  Please ring Sue on 0115 9662112 or Penny on 0115 9662113 with your details and contact number and we can organise a convenient time to discuss your vasectomy reversal.

    For more information follow this link to Vasectomy reversal.

  • Nottingham Urology Group formed

    We are very pleased to announce the formation of Nottingham Urology Group, the largest collaboration of Consultant Urologists with complimentary sub-specialist interests in the East Midlands.

    Over recent years, Urology has become an increasingly sub-specialised area of medicine. This has significantly improved the quality of care we deliver to our patients in the NHS. As standards of care rise in the NHS, we strongly believe that patients in the private sector and extended choice network (Choose and Book) must have equal access to high quality sub-specialist care. For example, we do not feel that it is acceptable for a cancer specialist to treat kidney stones or incontinence and vice versa.

    To achieve this, we have formed the Nottingham Urology Group. Our aim is to work in partnership to ensure all our patients receive the highest quality of care from a consultant who has the appropriate expertise for their condition.

    So, for all your urology problems, make an appointment with one of our team of Specialists and see what we can do for you.

  • Bladder Botox injections

    Can Botox bladder injections help your bladder?

    Mr. Richard Parkinson is the prinicipal urologist treating incontinence in Nottingham and has been using Botox bladder injections since 2003. Along with Mr. Akhlil Hamid, they are the only 2 urologists in Nottingham involved in using botox treatment for bladder overactivity since 2006.

    Together, they have treated over 500 patients and have one of the largest experiences of this novel treatment in the country. Like many novel treatments, it is important that patients ensure that they are treated by specialists who routinely use this treatment both in the NHS and in the private sector.

    We are finding the Botox service is getting more and more popular as patients get to hear the excellent results that can be acheived,” Mr Parkinson informs us. “Most patients find the treatment itself is much more straightforward than they thought

    The Botox treatment can be performed under local anaesthetic and patients usually go home on the same day. However, the treatment can be done under general anaesthetic if preferred.

    Most patients notice a very rapid improvement in their symptoms.

    This treatment has certainly revolutionised the way we treat people with overactive or sensitive bladders, and patients with incontinence,” says Mr Parkinson.

    For more information follow this link to Botox bladder injections.