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Information for GPs

Nottingham Urology Group is the largest collaboration of Consultant Urologists with complementary sub-specialist interests in the East Midlands.

In recent years, Urology has become increasingly sub-specialised to improve the quality of care we deliver to our patients in the NHS.  Sub-specialisation has significantly raised standards of urology at Nottingham City Hospital and is critical for good clinical governance.

We strongly believe that patients in the private sector and extended choice network (Choose and Book) must have equal access to high quality sub-specialist care.  For example, we do not feel that it is acceptable for a cancer specialist to treat kidney stones or incontinence and vice versa.

To achieve this, we have formed the Nottingham Urology Group. Our aim is to work in partnership to ensure all our patients receive the highest quality of care from a consultant who has the appropriate expertise for their condition.

We want to ensure that “private practice” reflects

“best practice” for the benefit of the patient.

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Nottingham Urology Group is available at the following locations:

Private referrals:   The Park Hospital & Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital

Choose & Book:   Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital; Castle Consulting Suite, Nottingham (starting soon); Ilkeston Community Hospital & Long Eaton Health Centre. 

How do I refer a patient to Nottingham Urology Group?

We will of course be happy to receive referrals in the traditional way to a named consultant of your or your patient’s choice.

Alternatively, generic referrals can be addressed to “Nottingham Urology Group” for all private and extended choice network urological referrals. We will then ensure that patient sees the most appropriate specialist for their needs.


Why was Nottingham Urology Group formed?

As a primary care practitioner, there are significant benefits:

1.      Instant access to Consultants - Working as a team, Nottingham Urology Group will provide continuous 365 day cover for all our patients.  You will have instant access to a Consultant for advice and to discuss patient concerns by phone or email.  We hope that you will find this service particularly useful not only for urgent referrals, but also for urological problems that may simply benefit from advice or a joint management plan. 

2.      Prompt and flexible outpatient appointments – As a team, we are able to provide more outpatient clinic appointments as well as evening  and  weekend clinics to accommodate the needs of our patients,

3.      Referrals will now be simpler - If you prefer, rather than worrying about which specialist is most appropriate, referrals can be sent by fax, email or letter to a single location. We will ensure that the patient sees the most appropriate consultant.

4.      All our consultants are happy to see any general urological referral, but you can be confident that your patient will be seen by a sub-specialist if necessary.


Why is this better for patients?

From a patient’s perspective, the benefits are:

1.      Confidence in their specialist – patients will have the confidence of seeing the right doctor for their condition.

2.      Benefit of experience – as a group, we will routinely discuss cases to ensure that our patients benefit from our collective experience of Urology.

3.      Consultant operating teams – for our major cases, we aim to operate together to achieve the best possible surgical results


Which conditions do we treat?

In addition to our specialist interests, all of our partners are happy to consult any general urology problems.  We therefore offer a full range of specialist urology services.  Below are examples of some the areas that we cover:



Bladder cancer

Overactive bladder

Testis cancer

Botox bladder injections

Prostate cancer

Urethral pain


Recurrent UTI

Urethral stricture

Erectile dysfunction

Renal cancer

Urinary symptoms


Renal stones

Vaginal prolapse


Stress incontinence


Interstitial cystitis

Testicular swellings

Vasectomy reversal