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Prostate Template Biopsy

What is the Difference Between a Template Prostatic Biopsy and a Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS)-Guided Biopsy?


A TRUS-guided biopsy can be considered the gold-standard investigation for men where there is a suspicion of prostate cancer. With this procedure, which is usually performed under local anaesthetic, a probe is passed up the back passage and a number of prostatic biopsies are taken (12 is considered optimal by our specialists).

Whilst this is the most commonly performed investigation for prostate cancer, it has some limitations. We know that of all men who have a negative TRUS-guided biopsy, 1 in 5 may go on to develop prostate cancer. The reasons for this may be

  1. Prostate cancer missed by TRUS-guided biopsy due to limited coverage of the whole prostate
  2. Subsequent development of prostate cancer.

Template Prostate Biopsy

Template prostate biopsies can be considered as the state-of-art investigation for men where there is a suspicion of prostate cancer. The Template Biopsy technique has been developed in order to provide more accurate and extensive sampling of the whole prostate. Our specialists are highly experienced in this form of biopsy procedure.  Template biopsies may be recommended in the following circumstances.

  1. Where there has been a previous negative TRUS-guided biopsy, but there is a suspicion that prostate cancer has been missed, e.g. a continuing PSA rise, or a suspicious MRI scan
  2. In men who have prostate cancer and who have been recommended active surveillance – to reduce the chances of a more serious prostate cancer having been missed
  3. In men who are having their first biopsy, who want the very latest and advanced investigation for the suspicion of prostate cancer.

How Are Template Prostatic Biopsies Performed?

Template biopsies are performed under general anaesthetic, as a day case procedure. An ultrasound probe is inserted into the back passage, and biopsies are then taken through the perineum (the area between scrotum and anus) using a grid to accurately map out where the biopsies are being taken from.

Usually about 50 biopsies are taken. The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes. We then see you back in clinic a week later to discuss the results.


For More Information

Your biopsy will be performed by either Ben Sherwood, Tom Walton or Gurminder Mann. For all enquiries regarding template biopsies, please phone Clair at The Park Hospital on – 0115 966 2113.