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Premature ejeculation - how is it treated?

Many men suffer with premature ejaculation from time to time, but for some the problem can be a constant problem. Although there is rarely any worrying medical problem causing it, premature ejaculation undoubtedly causes a great deal of distress and pressure on relationships with partners.

What can I do about premature ejaculation?

Don't worry! This is a common problem when men start a new relationship and things are likely to settle down with time. Some men find certain sexual positions are less likely to cause premature ejaculation. For example, many men find it better to have the female partner on top.

Are there any treatments that can help?

Some creams containing local anaesthetics can be applied on the penis before sex. This makes the penis less sensitive and can help to delay ejaculation. Prilocaine-Lidocaine creams are available, and a new spray called TEMPE has shown good results in recent trials. Such creams are not ideal as they can cause skin reactions, and the anaesthetic may make your partner less sensitive too.

Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation

Some tablets can help delay ejaculation. A group of antidepressant drugs called SSRIs have been shown to significantly delay ejaculation. A commonly used drug is Seroxat, but a newer drug called Dapoxetine may work better for premature ejaculation and can be taken only when needed.