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We all want to be in good health, yet men are much less likely to visit their doctor if they're worried about their health than women. Embarrassment can prevent us from seeing our doctor about personal matters, and sometimes there are worries that there might be something seriously wrong. However, it's usually better just to go ahead and get things checked out.

The following pages will give you a bit of background to some of more common men's health issues and what treatments might be avialable if needed. If you need more information, why not send us an email or make an appointment see one of our specialists. We see a great number of men in our clinics with a wide variety of problems. You can be sure of a sympathetic and private consultation.

Taking care of your general health

Whilst your visit to us will provide expert management of any urological problems you may be worried about, we realise that maintaining you general health is just as important.

We are therefore able to offer a general blood screen to look for any other underlying health problems, that may or may not be apparent to you. If we do find any abnormal results, we can recommend an appropriate specialist to deal with these.

Blood screen includes:

Full blood count (FBC)
Kidney function tests (U+Es)
Liver function tests (LFTs)
Random blood glucose
Testosterone level
Lipid Screen
Thyroid Function Tests