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Kidney pain - How is it treated?

PUJ obstruction

This is a condition where the top of the drainage pipe (ureter) is partly blocked and doesn't allow the urine to drain efficiently. It is usually present from birth, but may not cause problems until later life. The pain may be brought on by drinking large volumes of fluids.

Sometimes, PUJ obstruction doesn't require any treatment, especially it isn't causing too much bother and if the kidneys are working well. Treatment usually involves an operation to reconstruct the ureter pipe so the kidney can drain properly. We routinely perform this procedure as a keyhole operation (laparoscopic pyeloplasty) and most patients only need to stay in hospital for one night.


Kidney infections are usually accompanied by high fever. Usually, strong antibiotics are needed for severe infections, but there are usually no long-term effects in adults. Kidney infections in children can be more of a worry because of the risk of kidney damage, and prompt treatment is essential

Further tests will usually be arranged to make sure the kidneys are both OK and to rule out problems that might cause recurrent trouble.

Kidney stones

Please see our section on kidney stones