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Bladder cancer - what is it?

Growths in the bladder are often malignant (cancer). There are a number of different types of bladder cancer, but most are a types known as TCC (transitional Cell Carcinoma).

Who gets bladder cancer?

Bladder cancers can affect anybody, but they are more common in middle and older age groups. Men are more commonly affected than women. There are a number of "risk factors" for developing bladder cancers:

  • smoking
  • working with dyes or certain types of chemicals
  • chronic bladder irritation

The symptoms of bladder cancer can be very mild at first. The commonest symtpom is the presense of blood in the urine. This can be visible (frank haematuria) or may just be picked up on a urine dipstick test. If you have had blood in the urine, you probably need further tests to rule out a bladder cancer or other condition.