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  • Heart disease and the urology patient

    January 31st 2010

    A recent article in the British Journal of Urology by Professor Roger Kirby has highlighted the important association between heart disease and many urological conditions. Many complaints, including importence (erectile dysfunction) and common urinary symptoms, may be important early clues to more serious underlying medical problems.

    Important factors in developing heart problems include:

  • European Urology Association Update Guidelines on Chronic Pelvic Pain

    January 15th 2010

    Chronic Pelvic Pain refers to a number of long-standing conditions characterised by pain felt in the bladder, prostate, back passage or vagina.

    These are often complex conditions to treat and patients may have had a number of alternative diagnoses made in the past, such as prostatitis, prostadynia, urethral syndrome, testicular pain and interstitial cystitis (IC).