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Prostate Template Biopsy now available from Nottingham Urology Group

February 27th 2011


A new state-of-the-art biopsy technique, developed here in the UK, has been designed to improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis. The new procedure, called Prostate Template Biopsy, is an improvement on the standard prostate biopsy and uses detailed imaging of the prostate gland to locate possible tumours.

There is always a chance that a small prostate cancer could be missed when a prostate biopsy is performed. This is known as a "false negative" result. The Template Prostate Biopsy technique has been developed to redeuce the risk of false negative results and therefore enhance the accuracy of the test so patients and surgeons can have all the information they need to make the right diagnosis.

Prostate Template Biopsy is now available though Nottingham Urology Group.