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About Nottingham Urology Group

Nottingham Urology Group (NUG) is a collaboration of Nottingham’s principal urology consultants. Our consultants all have specialist NHS practices at Nottingham City Hospital as well as running clinics at The Park Hospital, The Nottingham Spire Hospital and Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital.

Nottingham Urology Group offers:

  • Cooperative working between 8 urology consultants with different areas of expertise
  • There is a choice of who you want to see, to best suit your needs
  • Subspecialistion, so you are assured you are being treated by a true expert
  • Even if your consultant is away, there is always someone on hand who can help
  • A full range of urology services can be offered


Follow this link to find out more about the urology specialists.

Mission statement

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of medical care to our patients. The aims of the NUG partnership are to foster clinical excellence through subspecialisation and cooperation between consultants.


Studies have shown the benefits of subspecialisation, where surgeons develop expertise in a smaller number of treatment areas. The Royal College of Surgeons have stated:

“The increasing scope and complexity of medical practice has naturally led to increasing specialisation amongst its practitioners . . .  sub-specialisation has been shown to improve the outcomes of treatment.”

Urology at Nottingham City Hospital has become increasingly subspecialised over recent years. In order to optimise the quality of care we deliver for our patients, each consultant has focussed on an area of urological practise to improve the level of expertise that we can offer.

By working in partnership we are able to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality of care from a consultant who has the correct training and expertise for their condition.

We are the only private urology service in Nottingham that can offer expert advice from consultants with subspecialist practices in all aspects of urology.

Continuity of care

If your surgeon is out of town or on holiday, who will be around to sort out any difficulties you might have? Unlike some surgeons who choose to work alone, NUG can ensure that a consultant will always be available to help if you have a problem. That's why working as a team means that someone will always be available if you need them.